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Friday, 26 August 2011

Free Assignment Argus Security Systems

Strategic Brand Analysis

Target Audience

The range of Argus security systems is targeted at the SEC A class individual due to the fact that it a premium product. In a SEC A family the householder is a woman between 25 – 44 years of age. 75% of the SEC A class is literate. The children of the family are admitted to English medium schools. Their house has a colour TV and a music system. The family has become more health conscious over the past few years. There has been a growing increase in both the parents of the SEC A class family earning an income, resulting in more spending power.

The SEC A individual reads more newspapers and magazines and the iinternet has emerged as a medium of choice for her, especially in SEC A/B. Internet access at home is increasing where she is primarily chatting. Access from home has grown from 26% in 1999 to 32% at present in SEC

Security has become a pressing issue to the people of our target audience. Since they are more media savy they learn of the numerous burglaries and murders that happen around the city. This makes them feel insecure and opt for more secure products. Proof of this is seen in the Mumbai Police website which advocates the use of the various new products that help in making the home more secure. The range from more secure doors and windows, fire exits, fire alarms and security alarms.

Since the product can be bought both in packs and add ons the cost of these systems are affordable only be SEC A class people. The product can be custom tailored to the needs of the consumer. He may buy an entry-level pack but opt for a certain number of add ons such as more sensors or cameras etc.

Competitor Analysis
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Overview of Home Security products in India

Home Security in India has till date been confined to the conventional padlocks, cylindrical locks, mortise locks, ultra locks, rim locks, etc. Security guards have essentially been the ones who protect individual houses and bungalows from thefts. As for buildings and complexes these guards, often unarmed and ill-trained, offer a very superficial form of ‘protection’. And, in any case these guards only offer exterior security. For securing the doors of your house you need to go to the traditional locking systems.

In recent years local lock-making companies have tried and launched innovative products, but the level of technology still remains in the 20th Century mould. Many like local market leader Godrej have launched Electronic Code Locks which have done reasonably well, but have failed to replace the conventional key based locks.

Electronic Security systems for the home in India are relatively new and almost a non-existent entity in the Indian market. The systems available range from a variety of imports catered to the Asian market such as Phillips and LG. There are some brands like ADT who have set up shop in India and do cater to the Indian market. However there are very few off the shelf security systems available in the Indian market. The average customer can’t just walk into a shop dealing in electronic goods and buy a security system. There are no indigenous brands marketing this product.
I It should be noted that although there are a number of exporters of security systems in the Indian market these are very small individual players who do not sell in the Indian market. Argus will be one of the pioneer brands in security systems in India compared only to ADT and the afore mentioned. Argus does not shy away from competition, as competition will increase public awareness in the security systems product category. Argus will hook consumers by its guarantee of 100% safety and quality and the fact that its willing to put its money where its mouth is by reimbursing clients if their Argus security systems fail to go off.

The market potential for ‘Electronic Security Systems’ in India

We strongly believe that there is immense market potential for an electronic home security system in India; Primarily in Urban India, in the SEC-A households.
Many people living in urban areas, in their own individual houses and bungalows, face a threat from frequent burglaries. Even apartment blocks and complexes are not being spared by burglars. We hear stories of burglaries happening in almost all the upper-class areas of metropolitan cities across India, almost every other day. The whole nation is experiencing this phenomenon of ‘White Goods, Cash and Jewellery Thefts’. The traditional lock and key systems fail to prevent such thefts. According to a report by a private research agency, it takes just about a minute to break a ‘Godrej Nav-Tal’. Also, most security guards are either ill-equipped or not trained enough to deal with burglaries.
An electronic security system ensures immediate alerts to the police and other concerned agencies, neighbours, etc., when a burglar enters the house. Further a high-end system with cameras, can record the events taking place in the absence of the owners of the house. These recordings can later be used to track the burglars. Electronic Security systems are the future of the conventional lock and keys. They are not a substitute to security guards. They are just add-ons which will help in making homes more secure and safe.

Why Argus ?

The brand name is derived from Argus (or Argos) which was a monster in Greek mythology. He was famous in legend for having many eyes. With his multiple sets of eyes, he could see nearly everything in his vicinity. And indeed, with his keen vision, Argus was regarded as an almost perfect mythological guard creature.

As a brand Argus aims at providing 100% security and safety to its clientele along with a promise of 100% quality this is its soul. Argus also aims to project its self as a brand that cares for the public welfare. This translates into Argus setting aside a certain percentage of its annual profits and donating them to charitable purposes such as building homes for the deaf etc. As a brand Argus will always focus on security related products and focus on its core competency on providing 100% safety. This could mean that Argus may shift form its current line of security products in the future and experiment by launching personal safety products in the market such as tasser guns and pepper sprays safes for houses etc.

Argus aims at providing highly sophisticated anti theft technology which is not only easy to use and install but are also easily available. Argus security systems will be available as composite packages which can be bought off the shelf and installed by the home user.
The basic security system packages do not need an in-depth technological background for the home user to set up Argus provides peace of mind to the customer, the security systems guarantee a high degree of efficiency and quality with its proclaimed mission statement of “Nothing gets past us!” Argus also addresses the problem that security systems are usually eyesores and comes out with a range of sleek products. Argus ensures high quality security systems and is willing to put its money where its mouth is by ensuring 100% security. The company assures to re -imburse the client if the security system fails to sound when an intruder breaks in. However there are a number of conditions that apply including the fact that the client needs to have total security coverage by the systems sensors.

Argus believes in a small range of security products as the power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope. We at Argus do not believe that a broad line of products to increase sales in the short run is more viable as it undermines the band name in the long run. Instead Argus believes in narrowing its focus and aims at catering to the core competency of providing quality safety. This translates into paying more detail into the availability of the product and the services offered combined with the actual physical quality of the product (in terms of getting the job done.)
Argus has two potential target audiences – builders of bungalows and housing complexes and upper class (SEC A) families, couples and single residents of flats and bungalows.

Builders are considered to be a potential target audience as they incorporate these security systems in upcoming high rises and bungalows. This would mean that the design of the flat can be tailored to the range of the security systems thus providing for a flat with the optimum use of the security package and thus an un- penetrate-able house.

Argus plans to build itself as the premier security system brand in India. This will be achieved by giving the public a user friendly, fool proof security system.
The products we are offering

Argus Eyes: Infra Red Sensors

Portable Infrared Motion Alarm/Chime
Great for office, home, or while travelling. Alarm or Chime mode. Uses infrared technology to protect a room from intruders up to 30 feet away. Producing an infrared 110 degree triangle, it creates an unseen barrier that's impossible to penetrate without setting off the built-in 110 DB siren! Battery operated, needs no wiring and can be easily moved to another location. On/Off switch, low battery indicator, Mounting bracket and FREE alarm decals included. Requires 4 "AA" batteries. AC power available with optional adapter. Programmable security code. Entry/Exit time delay.

Rs 897

Wireless Driveway and Home Protection Motion Voice Alert System

Would you like to be alerted when ... Cars are coming up the driveway, Intruders approach the front or backyard, Someone enters your garage, Visitors are walking to the front door, or Kids/pets are trampling your flowers?
If so, the New Wireless Voice Alert notification System is the answer you're looking for. Voice Alert System is a new annunciator system featuring wireless PIR sensors, transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit. Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored area is detected. Key applications include: • Wireless Driveway Alarm • Residential and Small Business Security • Child Monitoring and Pool Safety • Home Automation

The system allows a maximum of six user recorded messages. Each message is specific to one zone. For instance, zone one could be for a driveway alarm -“Car coming up the driveway” while zone two could be for a sensor monitoring the back yard- “Alert! Child by the pool!” Perhaps a third sensor guards a side entrance against intruders. However, when this PIR detects movement, the base unit plays “Intruder on patio” and triggers a floodlight using one of four relays included on the base unit. The system can monitor all three zones simultaneously and still have three additional zones available when needed. Users can alter their messages and place the wireless sensors wherever they wish. Voice Alert System sets up in minutes and can be completely customized to fit individual needs. The wireless PIRs feature: all weather protection, adjustable mounting and sensitivity, and can send a signal 300 feet through walls and up to 1000 feet in open space. You may add transmitters (VA-6000T) to cover as many areas as you want.
Rs 12450

Portable Electronic Watch Dog
This unique alarm/alert system uses the same advanced microwave technology as some police radar systems. The watchdog can detect through thick doors, walls and glass to determine when someone is approaching and how close they are. When an intruder comes within 20' it begins barking like an angry German Shepherd. The closer they come, the more frequent and more threatening the barking becomes. 90 degree angle of coverage. Variable distance sensitivity (up to 20') as well as volume control. Four settings to choose from: 1.) continual tranquil sounds of rainforest, 2.) alert sound of an angry and protective watchdog, 3.) soothing rainforest sound to alert you of a guests arrival, or 4.) alert sounds of both the angry watchdog and a warning siren (siren/watchdog mode resets after 20 seconds). Reliable 24 hour protection and no installation required. 12-volt DC power supply included.

Rs 4497

SlideAway Compact Door/Window Alarm
This compact, attractive alarm uses magnetic affinity to initiate its 110 decibel siren. The base of the alarm is connected to a door frame or window frame. The actuator is connected to the actual door or window. Great for any door or window, especially those hard to protect sliding glass doors. On/Off switch. Mounting tape and two lithium button cell batteries included. Rs 397

Window Alert Vibration Sensor Alarm

Window Alert Glass Breakage Alarm is a 95 decibel glass vibration/breakage alarm that easily attaches to a window and is set off by vibrations caused if someone tries to break it. Installs easily on any window. The 95 db alarm sounds for 45 seconds when window is bumped or broken, then resets. Alarm decals and battery included.
Rs 497.5

Bullet Cameras
1/3" B&W
380 Lines, 0.5 Lux

Rs 8950

Pet Immune Infrared Motion Detector 40' X 40' Coverage.
An animal immune PIR detector with TSI™ designed for residential and commercial applications. It comes in a durable, housing with an integral swivel bracket. It is immune to pets up to 36 kg (80 lbs) and covers a 12 x 12 m (40 x 40 ft) area. A sealed optical chamber protects the sensor from insects and air currents. The adjustable 1, 2 and 3-pulse counter virtually eliminates false alarms. FEATURES * Immune to animals up to 36 kg (80 lb) * PIR for residential and commercial applications * Operates with TSI™ - Target Specific Imaging * 12 x 12 m (40 x 40 ft) coverage * Adjustable 1, 2 and 3-pulse counter virtually eliminates false alarms * Sealed optical chamber protects sensor from insects and air currents * Strong high-gloss housing * Integral swivel bracket for ceiling and wall mounting
Rs 1425

Smoke detector

With its advanced 90° photoelectric detection pattern, Meridian offers superior detection of smoldering or rapid growth fires under a broad range of applications and changing environmental conditions Form 'A' alarm relay

Rs 2100

Voice Dialer

The DL-125C is an automatic, programmable speech dialer designed for the verbal reporting of two separate events. Each event can be reported to four different remote telephones. FEATURES * Calls four telephone numbers per channel * Transmits voice messages recorded in any language * Provides two alarm inputs with separate voice message for each input * Allows the called party to listen in and monitor the site * EEPROM retains programmed data and voice message if power is lost

Rs 5500

Digital Disk Recorder
The Argus 720GB Digital Disk Recorder is a surveillance recorder equipped with a hard disk drive. The 720GB Digital Disk Recorder makes surveillance systems more effective than ever. Hard disk benefits include high durability, elimination of image degradation caused by repeated recording and ultra fast writing and retrieval. The advanced triplex feature allows simultaneous live monitoring, recording, and reproduction. The multiple-recording feature allows automatic recording of images from different times and locations. Image search and retrieval is fast, and optional add-on units allow extended image recording from large surveillance systems. Optional boards also allow the recorder to be incorporated in 100Base-T LANs and WANs. Nothing does a better job combining advanced surveillance functions with the modular flexibility for today's surveillance applications.
New features!

CD-R Archiving
Multi-Screen Live View & Playback on Web Browser
Disk Saving
Jog-Shuttle Operation Switching
Pause Lock When Switching from Multi-Screen mode to Single-Screen Mode
ALL Group Playback
Embedding Time & Date and Camera Number on Web Live Picture
Displaying Camera Number on Thumbnail Picture
Playing back Alarm Channel in Alarm Record Playback
Camera Masking

Rs 25000

Packages Offered:

Argus Shield
Infrared Sensors x 2 = 1794
Window Sensor X 5 = 2485
Voice Dialer x1 = 5500
Total = 9779

Argus Centurion
Electronic Watch Dog X 1 = 4497
Voice Dialer X1 = 5500
Total = 9997

Argus Rapier
Voice Alert System X 1 = 12450
(Only PIR’s)

Argus Stilleto
Infrared Sensors X 5 = Rs 4485
Window Sensors X 10 = 4970
Smoke Detectors X 2 = 4200
Voice Dialer X 1 = 5500
Total = 19155

Argus Sentinel
Infrared Sensors X 10 = 8970
Window Sensors X 20 = 99400
Smoke Detectors X 5 = 10500
Cameras X 1 = 8950
Disk Recorder X1 = 25000
Voice Dialler X1= 5500
Total = 158320

Argus Praetorian
Door Magnetic Contacts X10 = 3970
Infrared Sensors X 10 = 8970
Window Sensors x 25 = 12425
Smoke Detectors x 5 = 10500
Cameras X 4 = 35800
Disk Recorder X1 = 25000
Voice Dialler X 1 = 5500
Total = 102165

The services that Argus Offers

Although Argus main product is a security system the support services that Argus offers are important for furthering the brand image.
These services have been designed to project the fact that Argus is a company that cares for your security. Some of these services are offered by other companies while others are revolutionary services which prove that Argus is a pioneer in its field.

100% Security:

As has been stated previously this is the core concept behind Argus. To provide this Argus banks heavily on building fool proof security systems. Argus sends technicians to install the products that the consumer purchases and once the technician is convinced that the various sensors covers all the appropriate avenues of breaking and entering he then certifies that the house is Argus protected. This means that the PIR sensors as well as the optional microwave sensors, cameras and door and window alarms have been set up for optimal coverage and that there is no area on the premises that isn’t guarded by an Argus sensor thus assuring that it is fool proof.
Argus customers are required to buy an invertor or ups in those areas that there are frequent power cuts. However all of the periphery sensors such as the PIRs (Passive Infra Red) motion detectors with built in alarms and the window and door sensors all run on rechargeable battery packs.
The Argus technician who visits the clients house is accompanied by a inspector, to whom the client must submit an estimate worth of goods in the houses. The inspector will then check and ratify this. Argus will at no time re fund hard cash.
Argus will refund the client on the grounds that the Argus alarms fail to go off for some reason. If the alarms do sound the Argus monitoring centre ( which needs to be subscribed too ) is then alerted and they will either contact the police or send one of their dispatchers to check the premises. The automatic dialer also sends a pre recorder message to another predefined phone number , this could be either your cell phone or the phone number of your friends and neighbours who live in the vicinity.

Safe deposit boxes:

Since Argus doesn’t guarantee a refund on hard cash, the company has tied in with a major bank such as Standard Chartered to offer locker / deposit services at a nominal rate. The purpose of this service is to convince the consumer that we have thought over the necessities of making their home a secure place and providing value added services to safeguard their interests. This scheme is available to the customers who buy the premium range of Argus products (the higher end segment). This scheme is meant for short term deposits. An example to illustrate this is if a family is in the habit of keeping a lot of hard cash at their residence and are planning to go out of town for a two week vacation. Under such circumstances the customer can deposit is hard cash and jewellery for the period of two weeks conveniently at the nearest branch on the display of his Argus guarantee card.


Argus offers a one year warranty which includes free servicing and testing of the alarm systems every three months. After the period gets over the customer has the option for subscribing to a servicing package which the company offers. This would be an extended guarantee which can be renewed annually by the customer. By efficiently servicing the customers systems regularly Argus hopes that it can demonstrate to the consumer how concerned it is about quality performance and the fact that the company bothers about the welfare of the customers family. Argus has a twenty four hour helpline situated at the various monitoring stations.

Recognising the customer:

Every hundredth customer of Argus will win an extra add on for his security system. The consumer will have to choose between a certain range of products. Please note that the customer gets an add on like two free sensors etc they under no circumstances get a whole security package free. The company is able to do this because of the profits it makes on margins that it posts.

Customer get-togethers:

Customers will be segmented on company records based on the cost of the security package that they have opted for. Customers will then be invited for get-togethers. The purpose of this is for the company to have a ear to the ground to find out what the customer needs to better his existing Argus system. These gatherings will be very informal and will be a sounding board for both customer and company. The gatherings will also to be to commemorate special occasions such as the company anniversary. The customer will also be given hints at what they can expect from the future range of Argus products.

Brand Attributes and Values:

Argus stands for providing quality safety to the consumer. Argus range of products is meant for the consumer who is willing to pay anything to keep his family and belongings safe.

The Brand is attributed with qualities such as

Safety : This is the core value that the brand projects. Argus provides safety like never before. Our range of products makes your home impregnable.

We Care: We not only care for the safety of your home and your belongings but we also care about the safety of our society. Which is why we donate a percentage of our profits for welfare activities.

Technological Excellence: Argus believes in providing high quality systems to the consumer. You can’t go wrong with an Argus system protecting your house. Our R&D departments work round the clock to bring out new products.

Customer Satisfaction: Argus is willing to put its money where its mouth is. Argus promises to refund the consumer of loss of belongings if the Argus sensor fails to sound (conditions apply)

Functional Benefits : Argus is a premium product which provides absolute safety. It incorporates state of the art infra red and microwave technology.

Emotional Benefits:

Peace of mind to the customer, no need to worry about personal belongings etc.
Pride of owning a premium security system.
Satisfaction: The customer is satisfied by the working of the product and believes that it is Value for money and is satisfied with customer services
A family kind of company: Argus is a company that genuinely cares about the welfare of its customers and therefore offers a number of services to emphasise this fact.

Brand Positioning – Our Point of differentiation

As a brand Argus stands for quality and safety. This is its core competency. What makes Argus different is the fact that it is sure of its technological expertise in the market and the fact that it is a security specialist that it is willing to reimburse the consumer for the loss of valuables in case its system fails to sound an alert. (Argus however does not reimburse for the loss of hard cash.) Argus is one of the pioneering brands in security systems in India. The scope of Argus’s operations will rival the present competition which is mainly small exporters and retailers. There is no widely available exclusive security system available to the public.
Argus is a premier brand targeted at the upper class. Owning an Argus security system is in itself a sort of status symbol. This is because of the cost factor involved in buying an Argus product. Owning an Argus system guarantees peace of mind. Your home will become as secure as fort nox or the Pentagon.
We at Argus hope to revolutionise and dominate the home security market. We are hoping to occupy that niche space that the common household lock occupies in the upper class mind. This is done by showing how insecure normal physical locks are. At this juncture Argus also promotes its cutting edge technology such as its microwave based electronic watch dog, a revolutionary product in the Indian market.
The company will need to translate the fact that it believes in quality in its internal management policies and production processes. Care will be taken to streamline the system and to achieve an ISO certification or ultimately a six sigma status. This will tell the consumer that Argus products are in fact reliable.
We believe that the company should encourage competition to build awareness of the security systems category in the consumers mind. However Argus will constantly launch new and better products to stay on top of the market.
Argus realises the need for remaining focussed on its core market. Future expansions will cater to the soul of quality and safety. This could mean that Argus shall go into the production of other personal safety devices. However Argus will not go in for a wide range of brand extensions as this could ultimately kill the brand.

Organisation as a Brand

Argus as an organisation has a brand image. Argus comes across as a company that cares for the well being of its customer. A company that will not compromise on quality and firmly believes that its product is capable of providing absolute safety. This is its core ideology.
The main problem of corporate branding or the depiction of a company as a brand is the fact that the consumer is brand orientated while the company managers and employees are company orientated
Using the company name as a brand name is a strategy advocated by a few. The benefit is that the product is closely associated with the company name. For example Zippo Corporation produces the Zippo brand. This is very neat, straightforward and easy to understand. Hence when a customer is asked what is a zippo the first thing he thinks of is windproof lighter. Hence when a consumer thinks of Argus he will think of security systems. The brand name is a resonance of what the product is. Argus symbolises something that sees everything, something which no detail gets past. Argus will become synonymous with home safety just as Tylenol became synonymous with something that you took for headaches.
The company needs to believe in its core ideology in order to make its customer believe it. At Argus the company is one big happy family where the management is concerned about the welfare of its employees. The company spends a great deal of time ensuring that there are a wide network of support groups for its employees and every manager is given a certain leeway to ensure that the company extends its policies to ensure that the members of its family are taken care of properly. If the members of the Argus family are satisfied and taken care of they will be driven to excel and to satisfy the consumer. Sarcasm, Cynicism is not tolerated at Argus as it is detrimental to the image that Argus as a company cares. The key idea behind this is look after our people so that they can look after our customers.
The company is in a constant race against itself to push forth its levels of quality. This includes every thing from the production process, management, distribution to the final selling to the consumer. The company will strive forth to meet stringent international standards of excellence such as ISO and Six Sigma ratings. This will prove to the customer that we are a company that believes in excellence.
Argus puts a good deal of investment on its R&D division which not only strive forth to provide top of the line cutting edge anti –theft technology which is easily usable. Argus products are manufactured to be rugged and durable.
We have noticed that in other companies the HR, marketing, finance, sales and IT directors rarely talk to each other, or if they do, they do not really speak the same language. Any information about the brand and how it operates internally and externally should be shared widely within the organisation and responded to jointly.
We as a company are aware that corporate social responsibilities now need to be accommodated within the brand values to meet emerging consumer expectations. Argus cares for the welfare of its society. Argus undertakes a number of welfare activities such as the building of homes for the deaf and dumb, the planting of trees and sponsoring of eco events. Argus also organises a number of home safety workshops in neighbourhoods utilising schools and colleges as places for gatherings. These workshops basically talk about a wide spectrum of topics which will hope to make your home a safer place, such as taking fire precautions etc.
In order to ensure that the customer is satisfied the company organises a number of focus group discussions in the retail outlets. The findings of these groups are sent to the head office and also the person in charge of the retail desk at the outlet is notified. This ensures that changes can be taken promptly to satisfy the consumers needs.
We at Argus believe that the brand is not something separate from the business; it is an integral part of the business and the key to how it creates value. For us a successful businesses and successful brand is the same.

Marketing Mix Strategy

Many marketers have been guilty of neglecting their brands in favour of short termed profits solutions – extensive couponing, pricing discounts and so on which weakened their product’s value among consumers. As a result we have focused on ways to integrate marketing communications , build brand equity, and other strategic efforts in product developments and marketing objectives.

The development stage a product is in determines the advertising message. As products pass through number of stages – from introduction to dominance to ultimate demise – the manner in which advertising presents the product depends largely upon the acceptance the product has gained with the consumers. The degree of acceptance can be identified as the product passes trough its lifecycle. It is this degree of acceptance that determines the advertising message of the product.

I M C: Can be defined as the joint planning, and coordination of all areas of mass communication. Since Integrated Marketing Communications was often the most often rated as an important factor that will influence marketing strategy in the next 3 to 5 years, we decided to adopt it as our campaign strategy. Our I M C refers to all the messages directed to our consumer on behalf of the brand: media advertising, promotion, public relations, direct response, events etc. Each of our messages will be integrated or dovetailed in order to support all other messages or impressions about our brand. We worked in line with this strategy as we thought; it would build our brands equity by communicating the same brand message to the consumer

 Campaign objectives : To create a certain need for our product
 To create awareness about our organization and product
 To promote the product and become the market leader.
 To come across as safe and reliable organization
 To differentiate our product and portray its image as a quality product.
 Creative strategy : Since most of our T G will be the upper class, we figured out that they wouldn’t be to interested in the boring dry methods of technical/industrial information that they would be use to for buying a high involvement product, rather focus on a higher involvement process that would genuine generate interest in the consumers mind. This is exactly why we use directly mailed attractive Brochures with product information and packages (to involve and interest our audience when it comes to buying). As far as need, awareness and differentiating from our competitors or retaining customers we would depend on the conventional Advertising, Public Relations and Promotions. Direct mail was also selected as a medium because of its ability to zero in on exactly the kind of customer we want to reach.

The life cycle would consist of 3 primary stages.

1. Pioneering stage
2. Competitive stage
3. Retentive stage

Pioneering stage : the advertising stage of a product in which the need for such a product is not recognized and must be established or in which the need has been established but the success of a commodity in filling those requirements has to be established .

People don’t always run to buy a revolutionary product. For one thing it may have never occurred in the consumers mind that they need or want the product and as a result don’t feel compelled to buy it. Until people appreciate the fact that need it, the product is in the pioneering stage.
Advertising used in the pioneering stage introduces an idea that makes previous conceptions appear antiquated. It must show that methods once accepted as the only possible ones have been and that the limitations long tolerated s normal are now overcome.
• In this stage we depend on public relations rather than advertising to create the need and awareness among the masses. We punch in articles so as to talk about how fickle today’s security systems are and how insecure life is turning out to be. With this in mind we also say that a credible and modern security system is the need of the day. Our public relation articles along with the advertising and promotions that we have, would certainly generate a need and demand for our product.
• The next step in our P R plan would be to inculcate in the consumers mind that there is a very reliable and credible organization( ARGUS ) that is willing to look into this need of modern society. We intend to strategically position our advertisement along with our article in the news paper to avail of maximum awareness and effect of both the advertisement and the article.
• Along with the public relations stunts and the advertising we also have a unique promotion for our product. This would include a stall at some of the bigger shopping centers in our city as our product initially is targeting the upper market. At the stall we would have a game for the massed involving our product, we hope to generate a lot of hype with this promotion as there would be a huge reward for the winner of the game show. Most of the activities would revolve around t he launch of our product and hence we anticipate a favorable response once the product is launched …….( I think we need to write about the specifics of the promo in detail rather than just mention it over here).
• We have our public relations team working with our advertising agency to give us maximum viewer ship and results from the ad. And pr

The purpose of the pioneering stage of a product’s lifecycle , reduced to its simplest form is :

• To educate consumers about the new product or service
• To show that a person has a need that was unknown before and that the advertised product fulfilled that need.
• To show that a product now exist actually capable of meeting a need that had already been recognized but could not have been fulfilled before. The pionnering stage generally stresses what the product can do, offer, or provide that could not have been done, offered, or provided by any product before.
It is important for the advertiser to remember what determines the adv message is what the consumer thinks about the product(consumer perception ). In pioneering stage the consumer is trying to answer the question what is the product for ? it does not really matter what the manufacturer thinks. Does the consumer think the product is significant or is this really the better way of doing things……… and that is why we create a need rather than talk about our organisation. We appear to be more of a system brand because of the services we provide, we intend to come across as a very caring organization from our ads and articles. Mentioned above is the sole reason why we talk less about our organization and appear to cater to the need of the people.

Usually during the introduction of a new product , heavy advertising and promotional expenses area required to make the consumer aware and acquaint the target of the product benefit. The manufacture to expand must increase distribution, generate consumer trial and increase geographic trial.
We intend to do all of the above mentioned with our adv ,P R and marketing plan.

The competitive stage : The advertising stage a product reaches when its general usefulness is recognized but its superiority over other brands has to be established in order to gain preference.

When a pioneering product becomes accepted by the consumers and they have the desire for it, there is going to be competition. The consumer now knows what the product is and how it can be used. At this point, the main question the consumer asks is which brand shall I buy ? When this happens the product has entered the competitive stage and the advertising for it is referred to competitive advertising.
Over here we intend to differentiate ourselves from our potential competitors i.e. either existing security systems or may be newer ones entering the market. In this stage we would rather talk about the services that we offer and may be look at the intangible aspect of our product. We also make certain claims of being fool proof unlike our competitors and support such claims by reimbursing them for any loss of property under our security system.

May be in this stage we look at direct marketing as an option.

Direct Marketing: Personal communication is the most effective means of persuading someone. However it is also the most expensive and impractical as a means of mass selling. Since our target group is selected and niche we thought of this as a very practical tool to boost our sales. Our direct marketing will be used to follow up our mass communication to close the sale or develop long term relationship that will ultimately result in sales. This could be a different idea to persuade the consumers as compared to advertising.

The retentive stage: The third advertising stage of the product, reached when its general usefulness is widely known, its individual qualities are thoroughly appreciated, and it is satisfied to retain its patronage merely on the strength of its past reputation.

Products reaching maturity and wide scale acceptance enter he retentive or reminder stage of advertising
When our product is accepted and used by consumers, there may not be a need for competitive advertising. At this point, everybody knows about our product and what it is about. Over the years many manufactures of successful products stop advertising and seen that the public forgot abut their product. Therefore most astute advertisers try to retain their consumers by keeping the brand name before them., this is called reminder advertising- it simply reminds the consumers the brand exists.
Over here we simply use high visual or name advertising, meaning the ad gives little reason to buy the product.
 At this stage of the product lifecycle the advertising message will change and focus on the extra or the value added services that we provide. The onus will be on the feel good part of the product.
 The communication objectives change to making the consumer believe that the purchase he has made definitely met with all of the promised quotes and would further encourage him to purchase our new products so that we do not loose out on market share.

How we plan to create an awareness of our brand (advertising and direct marketing).

Argus is a premier brand targeted to a niche audience. We will look briefly at the various advertising strategies that Argus shall undertake in order to create awareness in the minds of the public. The campaign is run in a number of phases.
The first phase is to create awareness of the brand and what it stands for. This is done by direct marketing to builders of high rises. Representatives of Argus Corp will personally meet builders and talk to them about the benefits of our systems, distribute brochures etc. Argus will have a dummy show room house which will be used to demonstrate how the system works to prospective clients amongst builders. Argus will also talk to architects and explain the design strengths of the security system. By doing this Argus hopes to create homes that have been designed to have optimal and economic security coverage by the Argus range of products.
During the first phase we shall float a number of advertorials creating awareness of the existing situation of security in India today. This is followed by a number of advertorials concerning the various range of products that Argus offers and how its manages to meet the growing need of making the home safer. The advertorials and articles shall be run in a number of magazines and newspapers such as Inside Out (furniture magazine) India Today (News magazine) Readers Digest ( Features Magazine) and also Times of India and Economic Times. Argus expects something to the tune of 28 insertions of advertorials
During the initial phases of our campaign we shall release television advertisements in order to create awareness of the brand and to build brand association. The ads will focus on building the public awareness of the brand. This is followed by creating a need for having a security system. During the retention stages it will be followed by a series of advertisements aimed at discussing the qualities of the range of Argus products. The ads will be aired on a select number of channels such as CNBC, Star Movies, HBO, NDTV 24/7. Argus estimates a rough average of 20 spots a week.
Argus will also have direct mailers sent to prospective customers. We also plan to tie up with a number of banks such as Standard Chartered and HSBC and will have enquiry desks for our products set up either inside or just outside the bank. The core idea behind this is that a customer might be interested in the product and can enquire about it while waiting for a banking transaction to finish.
The Second stage of the campaign involves the product launch. Argus range of security systems will be available at a range of electronic equipment stores such as Vijay sales etc. Each store will have an Argus employee who will assist the customer in making the right choice of security option.
During this stage we will also witness a number of print ads that will convey the services Argus offers by providing state of the art security systems.
Once we have carved a niche for ourselves in the market. Argus will have periodic ad campaigns to maintain awareness. This will be coupled by focus group discussions amongst users to generate new ideas and to ensure that the consumer is satisfied by the products that they purchase form the company. Argus will conduct a number of competitions encouraging school and college students to come up with their own jury rigged security systems which Argus experts shall evaluate and test. Argus also promises to undertake welfare activities by donating a certain percentage of its profits to the needy. This would include the building of safe homes for the deaf and dumb and the visually impaired.

Description of Ads:

TV AD 1:
Communication Objective: To spread awareness of the company
Description: The first TV ad to be aired starts with a news commentator talking about how a dirt bike rider is attempting to set a new record for the highest jump. There is a lot of anticipation amongst the audience as the rider kick starts his bike and rides towards the ramp at full throttle. The commentator is awe struck as the rider is air borne. The commentator tells the audience that he is astonished at how high the jump is. Suddenly the rider crashes into a Blimp on which the word Argus is printed in bold. The screen goes black and has the Argus logo dominating it with the tag line nothing gets past us. The commentators voice is heard as a voice over, saying how the blimp has impaired the rider from setting a new record.

TV AD 2:
Communication Objective: To create awareness of the brand
Description: The ad starts with a rear shot of two thugs approaching a prominent club. The club guard is a very thin looking young man. The two thugs try to intimidate the guard and try to push there way into the club. One of the thugs puts a hand on the guards shoulder, a struggle ensues and the thugs are found lying in the street. There is a close up shot of the guard of the club and the camera zooms into the rear of his t shirt which boldly proclaims Argus – Nothing gets past us.

TV AD 3:
Communication Objective: The ad starts with an extreme close up of two pairs of shoes. The shoes walk a short distance and stop. There is a close up of a hand flicking a switch on the wall. The feet splay slightly indicating that the person is turning. One can see an ant near a shoe and the tip of a white box. There is a red beam that emits from the box. The foot walks off the frame and when the ant attempts to follow it triggers the beam and sets off the alarm. This is followed by the company logo against a black background and the tag line – Nothing Gets Past, the logo is superimposed on a picture of the product which is found placed to the right of the screen.

Print AD 1:
Communication Objective: To create awareness of the need for a security system.
Visual Description: The ad depicts a row of houses. There is a central house which is well lit and there are people seen living their lives happily. The houses on both the sides of this house is cast in shadows and on closer observation you notice that the windows of the house is broken, there is a burglar entering a window of one house, in the other there is a silhouette of a person with a knife raised. The company logo is situated at the bottom right corner of the ad and the tag line states Nothing gets past us.

Print Ad 2
Communication Objective : To create an awareness that Argus sells security systems.

Visual Description : The ad shows two pictures one situated on the top left hand corner of the page and the other situated at the bottom right corner. The top left visual depicts a thief breaking into a house. The bottom right visual depicts a person behind bars. The copy states I would have been a millionaire if it wasn’t for Argus.

Print Ad 3
Communication Objective: That Argus catches burglars and is an effective security system

Visual Description : The ad shows a person behind prison bars, his hands dangling out.
The headline says Beware – Argus Nothing Gets Past Us

About our advertorials

Public Relations is one of the best ways of promoting an organization. It is also used to raise awareness about oneself or an company.
Our PR Plan has been divided into different stages for efficiently and effectively carrying out the PR activities.
First Stage: At this stage, we would focus on arousing a need for a security system in our reader’s mind. We will have different articles featuring in newspapers and magazines.
The first article speaks about different cases of housebreaking and burglaries. We have put a fear factor in the article so that a need for our product is created in the reader’s mind.
The next two articles are also targeted towards creating the same need. These articles will touch upon areas like increasing number of burglaries, thefts and murders, growing insecurities of life, lack of trust on security guards, children and elderly people not feeling safe at one’s own house.
The next stage is the awareness stage. At this stage, the first article speaks about the existing systems of security, lack of availability of good security systems in the market, a serious need for an organization to come up with a security system that provides 100% security to the people. The second article speaks about a company which has come up with Hi-tech security systems which claims to give 100% security to its consumers. A place like Mumbai needs such more products in the market.
The third article speaks about are company ‘Argus’. It speaks about, what the company stands for, the range of products and services it offers, about the quality it offers and assures of 100% satisfaction.


Two months prior to our product launch we have articles speaking about are Product Launch and the events and competitions taking place at that time.
Our product launch would be at crossroads where we would be having an event followed by a press conference.
The day after the product launch will have a press release coming up in the leading newspapers and magazines. After few weeks, we would have some articles featuring which would speak about people’s views, comments and their experience about the product.
Then we have a article which speaks about the celebrity endorsing our product. We have choosen Amitabh Bachan for this purpose, who is using our product and gives his views and comments about the product.

Media Plan

Between 1999 and 2002 the reach of Press has kept pace with population and literacy growth.

- Growth in Dailies
- Especially in Rural India

Despite the fact that magazines have declined substantially.

In 2002 the adult population is more than 200million

The PR activity will start three months prior to the launch of the product. Feature articles and the advertorials will come in the following magazines and newspaper. These Publications have been chosen keeping the target audience, which is SEC A+. At the end of the third month there will be ads published in the same magazines and newspapers .The TV commercials will also start at the same time.


Readers Digest 30,000 One
India Today 50,000 Two
Inside Outside 133000 One
Society Interior 97000 One
Outlook 50,000 Two
Business India 60,000 Two
Week 22,000 One
Total = 442000
(20 Spots)
NDTV 24*7 4400 15
Star Movies 6000 15
HBO 7000 15
CNBC India 4000 15
Star World 5000 15
Total for one month = Rs 396000

Times of India 9600 Four
Economic Times 2400 Four
Total = 12000
This a media plan for one month .It will almost be same for the three months also.
Sample Articles

Press Release

ARGUS launches security systems in the city and also has an event for consumers.
Winners to get cash price.

Mumbai, July 25, 2003: Argus, a pioneer organization in security systems in India has announced a consumer offer tying up with various Malls and various other consumer electronic outlets. The event will initially be launched at….(u decide where) and then spread all over the city. The winners of the event (if any) will receive a reward of an ARGUS product worth Rs. 1 ½ lakh or a cash of the same amount. The event is also held with an intention to prove to the public the 100% safety that ARGUS promises to offer.

“With the ‘Break in and win’ contest we at ARGUS wish to reward our potential customers and prove to them in invincibility of ARGUS products and enable them to understand the working of the various products. With the trail offer they will also get first hand knowledge of that products and packages that is up there for sale. We are aware that the customer is more conscious of how insecure life is turning out to be with the number of burglaries and murders on the rise. With this event and launch we want to come across as a very customer friendly and caring organization and want to build a bond with our customers by offering them the best in home security systems and also some of our other value added services. Want to set a bench mark in the ‘security systems market’ and also want to be perceived as an organization which is more than bothered about sales and want to extend services to the customer.” Said the CEO of ARGUS systems Mr. Rubik Azariah.

The 3 weeks’ promotion will continue till August 1st, 2003 across the city and will also be launched in the other 3 metros. Pioneer in the Indian film industry Amitabh Bachchan will inaugurate the event and will also present the prizes to the winners (if any).

ARGUS, the number one in security systems, wants to evolve and become the premium and most wanted brand in the home security systems segment. ARGUS wants to be seen as a brand that has set a trend in security systems and also as a brand that has brought innovations to the Indian consumer. It is the first Brand to launch HI- Tech systems in India.
“Break in and win”…… a lakh could be yours.

Its about time for all those unlucky ones who lost out on opportunities to make a quick buck to polish their skills and try out on the latest hot event that’s hitting the city with a price worth throwing a hundred attempts. It’s the ARGUS ‘Break in and Win’ contest that we are talking about. ARGUS a security company launching its product for the first time in India is having an event for the masses where anyone who’s willing to try the system out can win loads of money or an ARGUS product. The event is going to be inaugurated be celebrity Amitabh Bachchan whose house is now protected by ARGUS the only company that guarantees 100% safety and is actually willing to reimburse the consumer if the system alarm isn’t triggered off. This offer will be held allover the city at the various shopping Malls and electronic outlets.
Coming back to the event, the event will be held at various malls over the city and hold ‘the ARGUS domain’ within its vicinity. The ARGUS domain will be the space where the event will be held and also where the various products are put up for display. The event will be one of its kind which hopes to generate a lot of enthusiasm and fun among the people of the city. Its various products will be set in a particular format and there will be a target to reach at the centre of the systems which the consumer has to get to without breaching the system or setting the alarm off. The best part of this event is that the consumer will be shown the actual placements of all the sensors. The first participant of the vent will be the inaugurator Mr. Bachchan himself. It promise to be fun filled event along with a lot of awareness for the masses. The event will be open to everyone who wishes to try.
The motive behind the event is not only to generate loads of enthusiasm but to also let the public know the invincibibility of the product and also to come across as a very people friendly organization…..

Crime in the city on the up-rise citizens concerned!

Prevention is better than cure is an adage that we are all familiar with. Yet we often take this at face-value. Do we really prevent ourselves and our loved ones from harm? The number of breaking-and-entering thefts are on the rise. Everyday in our city there are more than 10 reported break-ins. Recently, on May 20, two flats at Hiranandani Garden were ransacked. In one of the flats the robbery happened at night when the family was asleep. The thieves entered through the balcony. They entered the second floor apartment using a ladder that belonged to the workers who were painting the building. Says Mr.Sinha, owner of this flat, “Now we are very scared to leave the balcony open.” They lost gold ornaments worth Rs. 3.5 Lakhs and other valuables like wrist watches and stereo system.
Another such robbery took place in a flat in the JVPD scheme at Juhu. In this case the robbery took place in the night when Mr. Vakas Khan and his wife had gone out, leaving their two children home alone. The robbers entered through the front door. They switched off the main light, threatened the two children at gunpoint and robbed liquid cash worth 2 Lakhs, valuables like TV, microwave and gold ornaments. “They even took my set of ruby necklace and earrings, it was a family heirloom that has been passed on from generation to generation”, says Mrs. Khan remorsefully “I was hoping to give it to Selma, my daughter at her wedding.” Increasing number of such robberies are taking place at Peddar Road, Nepeansea Road, Walkeshwar. On June 9, two robbers broke into a bungalow at Pedder Road. The residents of the bungalow were not at home. These unidentified robbers broke into the house during the day and stole cash and jewellery worth Rs.2 Lakhs. Evidence shows that the robbers knew that no one was in the house.
This is increasing day by day,do you feel safe at ur place do you have 100% security .this is a question to be asked to your self ,are you safe at your own place.

Uncertainty in the city.

Passing through the crowded lanes of Mumbai leaning your head out of a taxi, one can see nothing but skyscrapers lined up all together surrounded by large compounds, huge gates. Guarding each of these apartments from the terrors of the night is a security guard who is lazing about. The guards who are sick and tired of the drudgery of their work, occasionally checks the identity of the visitors.
A security guard stands outside our apartment all day. One doesn’t know how this trend for hiring security guards started? The conventional security options available to the public are locks, chains, padlocks, steel cupboards. In recent years local lock-making companies have tried and launched innovative products, but the level of technology still remains in the 20th Century mould. Many like local market leader Godrej have launched Electronic Code Locks which have done reasonably well, but have failed to replace the conventional key based locks. A mere lock can’t secure our homes from theft, a security guard is an incapable as a lock.
To give you a real life example, my neighbour’s house has been burgled twice even though there was a twenty four hour security guard hired to stand right outside our house. In both of these instances the guards were found unconscious either due to some intoxicant or were overpowered and lathied by the burglars.
We live in a constant fear that our house will be next that our personal belongings and life will be at risk. One solution was to have a computerised locking system but even this did not deter the crafty robbers who managed to bypass the whole system by breaking in the door and leaving the lock intact. When family returned from dinner they were met with a scene of chaos and confusion. There belongings were scattered everywhere and the thieves had looted approximately Rs25000 worth of cash and ornaments. The solution that the family came up with was to install a metal door.
Bureau Reports of Crime Branch revealed that there has been an increase in the number of burglaries in the city of Mumbai. We live each day in the terror of our house being burgled and constantly wonder if our security guards are on the take. We as concerned citizens await the solution to our security problem.

The hundred eyes of Argus

The city has been racked with an upsurge in burglaries over the past few years. The conventional tools of enforcing security such as locks and padlocks have failed to keep out the denizens of the night from our cosy homes. Are we as citizens to despair? Caught in a web of treachery where your own watchmen are in cahoots with criminals who or what do we turn to. The answer to these questions is Argus. Argus is an upcoming company that deals with easily available premium security products. Argus boasts of its state of the art PIR (Passive Infra Red) and Micro Wave motion sensors. The company is certain of the effectiveness and the superiority of its systems that it claims to offer 100% security.
Argus is an indigenous company that offers a wide range of products which will make your un-secure home as impregnable as a fort. Although the company faces competition from existing players like ADT security systems, Argus differentiates itself with its promise of total security and quality and amazing customer service. This is combined with the wide range of products that the company has come out with. Some of which have never been seen in the Indian market. One such product is the electronic watch dog which can detect intruders approaching and start barking like a dog or play an alternative sound. The technology incorporated in this product is similar to that used in foreign police radar systems.
The company also has a number of 24 hour monitoring centres situated at key residential areas. These centres constantly monitor the alarm systems and notify the owners and the police if necessary if there is an attempted burglary. The centre is notified by an auto dialler which dials a pre allocated number which is connected to a terminal. The dialler is also equipped to call the neighbours and even the customer on his or her mobile phone if necessary.
The company backs its product with a number of value added services. The company is the first to offer subsidised lockers for precious belongings to the customer while they are out of town. The company promises to reveal a number of other such value added schemes shortly.
Argus is a company that is bothered about the community it serves. It truly believes that it should make a difference and is willing to set aside a portion of its annual profits to be invested in a number of welfare activities.
Argus products can be purchased at retailers such as Vijay sales. Argus has separate stalls where an Argus advisor helps you to choose the correct range of products necessary for you to properly protect your house.
Argus is all set to become a prominent player in the Indian security scene. It is too early to say whether Argus will substitute the average lock and hired watchman but you can be assured that Argus systems will definitely become the first line of defence when it come to guarding your loved ones and your belongings. The average concerned citizen who has spent the past year biting his nails in fear, after reading about recent burglaries can now have peace of mind as there is now a security system that really kicks a punch.

Making homes more secure

Argus Security Systems Inc. launches its range of electronic security systems for homes in 4 metropolitan cities of India this week. Argus with its entire range of infra-red ray motion sensors, voice alert systems, door and window sensors, bullet cameras, voice diallers, smoke detectors, and monitoring services, intends to change home security scene like never seen before in India.

Argus promises to deliver what the conventional lock-key systems have failed to in the past. India has remained immune to technological advantages in the security systems field all this while. ‘Argus is committed to distribute safety and security with innovation through its systems to homes in India’, says Mr. Azariah, VP [Technology], Argus Inc.

Argus boasts of state of the art motion sensors with wide range and angles. The "motion sensing" feature on security systems is a passive system that detects infrared energy. These sensors are therefore known as PIR (passive infrared) detectors or pyroelectric sensors. In order to make a sensor that can detect a human being, you need to make the sensor sensitive to the temperature of a human body. Humans, having a skin temperature of about 93 degrees F, radiate infrared energy with a wavelength between 9 and 10 micrometers. Therefore, the sensors are typically sensitive in the range of 8 to 12 micrometers.

Argus is launching its products in the metros and on receiving a favourable responses Argus will expand its share in the Indian market. The company is looking forward to serving the Indian public.

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